New progress in phase 2 project

New progress in phase 2 project

18 Nov, 2023


          New progress in phase 2 project

Currently, Taimei Stone is making every effort to construct the roof, marking an important progress in this phase of the project.


During this stage, Taimei Stone places great emphasis on quality control, safety management, and environmental protection, strictly adhering to relevant standards and regulations. Our goal is to ensure a safe, efficient, and sustainable construction process, laying a solid foundation for the future operation of the factory.


In addition to the roof construction, Taimei Stone is actively preparing for the next steps, including equipment procurement, personnel training, and process optimization. We firmly believe that through the collective efforts and teamwork of all employees, the Phase 2 project will achieve successful completion.


We will continue to closely monitor the progress of the project and provide timely updates, and we sincerely invite everyone to visit our factory!




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